At In-Reflection 360°, we create image and video concepts that help you document projects and provide a virtual interactive full-dome field of view walk-through experience while in process. This can eliminate the need for clients to come on site and facilitates long distance customers.

In addition, our core service full-dome field of view photography of as-built construction prior to dry-walling. You and your clients will know the exact location of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and framing for the life of the structure. This value-add service has application long after the project is completed.





We create a full-dome field of view walk-through that provides a virtual experience of being on site! Offering both panoramic and floor to ceiling orientation, we can customize your project’s navigation so that it accomplishes your desired viewer experience.



360° Walk-Through

Let’s take a tour

In-Reflection creates virtual archive documentation for as-built construction. This enables 360° viewing of “What’s Inside You Walls” prior to dry-walling and archives the location of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC for easy access in case of future repairs, renovation, or simply knowing where to safely hang wall fixtures.

360° Website Design

The look and feel of a website

Enabling your clients to walk throughout your job site on demand in virtual 360° is one value-add. We can also offer this in a user-friendly website allowing you to showcase your work in a password- protected environment.


Interactive Virtual Tour

Let’S GO ON an adventure

Take a virtual tour throughout any location! Interact with pop-up videos and click to view products in detail, or go out to the product website to buy. Whether visiting a retail store or viewing a private or commercial property, providing the ability to both experience it and interact virtually is an engaging and interesting adventure!

Virtual Training

Bring training to life

Add some life to your virtual training by adding embedded live characters and videos that give the “wow” effect to engage the trainee. Ideal for providing extra visual information in a virtual, realistic way.



Our technology has applications that can benefit multiple industries - construction (whether commercial, custom homes, or real estate), retail sales and online training in any environment. Allows owners, general contractors, and facility managers to remotely walk-through job site.

Our application is ideal for:

  • Validation of as-built conditions

  • QA/QC, inspection and monitoring

  • Before and after design staging


Internet/offline ready! With built in gyroscope; use iPad like a scanner!


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